This symposium is a dynamic platform showcasing the transformative impact of the ASEAN University Network – Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN) in fostering effective health promotion policies and practices through collaborative efforts among ASEAN countries.

The first presentation emphasizes the pivotal role of AUN-HPN in uniting universities, faculty, students, and communities to promote evidence-based health initiatives, followed by the presentation of AUN-HPN’s associate member, Osaka Univ.

This sets the stage for the highlight of the symposium, a compelling panel discussion on “Building a Healthier Future: Exploring best practices on Healthy University Rating System (HURS) in ASEAN Universities.” The panel discussion delves into HURS, its significance in advancing health and sustainability in universities, and best practices from universities. By fostering knowledge exchange and collaborative efforts, the symposium empowers ASEAN universities to embrace healthier, more resilient futures.

The symposium aims to inspire collective action, shaping a holistic vision for health promotion and sustainability in higher education across ASEAN.

Co-organizer: ASEAN University Network-Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN)
Venue: Tokyo / The University of Tokyo
Event style: Face-to-face
How to join: Advance registration required(Not selected by lottery), possible to join on the day
Entrance fee: JPY 2,000~17,000
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