The Japanese Village at Ayutthaya is one of the tourist attractions, exhibit the history of trading between Thai and Japanese and the story about two famous Japanese in Ayutthaya period, Yamada Nagamasa and Maria Guyomar de Pinha.

Japanese village is under the supervision of the Thai-Japanese Association, hold many activities to promote and exchange Thai-Japanese culture.

Thai-Japanese performance on the opening date with TAT sponsor. Tourist can rent the Yukata or Kimono dress to take a picture around.

Tourist can write wishing list on the color paper (no charge) and hang at the bamboo tree. Origami workshop is provided.


主催者:Thai-Japanese Association (TJA)

開催場所:Ayutthaya / Japanease Village

参加方法:No advance registration

参加費:50 THB (Adult), 20 THB (Child under 12 year old and Senior)