ASEAN-Japan relations established in 1973 have developed over the years and 2023 marks the 50th Year of Friendship and Cooperation.

As the celebration begins, we will host a series of Instagram challenges titled “GOLDEN BRIDGE.”

[How to join]

Follow ASEAN-Japan Centre’s IG account (@aseanjapancentre_pr) from your personal account, take a photo of the theme, post it with the hashtag and tag a friend you wish to make a post after you. Five winners will be chosen by lot, and they will receive exclusive items commemorating the 1th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation. You can post as many as you want!

【Challenge 1: Golden Table】

2023 year 1 month 16 day (month) – 5 month 31 day (Wednesday)

■ Themes
Take a photo of your favorite FOOD from ASEAN countries or Japan!

■ How to participate in the challenge
1. Follow ASEAN-Japan Centre’s Instagram account (@aseanjapancentre_pr)
(There is another account by ASEAN-Japan Centre on Tourism (@aseanjapancentre). Please follow the “PR” account.)
2. Take a photo of the theme.
3. Add hashtag #GoldenTable, tag a friend you wish to join the campaign and post it on your Instagram.
4. Japan to 5 people by lotteryASEANOriginal goods for the 50th anniversary of friendship and cooperation will be presented!
* Please check the terms and conditions at the URL above. If you apply according to the above method, it is considered that you have agreed to the terms and conditions.

[2nd](planned in July)