Our company has developed a mobile mosque called the “”Mobile Mosque”” for Muslims. This mobile mosque has received high praise from overseas, and various countries have offered opportunities for manufacturing and sales.
Therefore, in the upcoming spring, we plan to transport the one-of-a-kind Mobile Mosque to Malaysia and commence a rental business.
Additionally, we will engage in local production of the Mobile Mosque and further promote rental and sales activities in the ASEAN region.
On December 17th (Sunday) and 18th (Monday), during the special summit between Japan and ASEAN held at Tokyo Tower, we intend to exhibit the Mobile Mosque for both domestic and international audiences.
We hope that this initiative contributes to the friendship and economic development between Japan and ASEAN.

Venue: Tokyo / Tokyo tower
Event style: Face-to-face
How to join: No advance registration, Possible to join on the day.
Entrance fee: Free