Nikkei CNBC Japan, Inc. (Nikkei CNBC) plans to broadcast a TV program in conjunction with the special summit meeting for the 50th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan friendship and cooperation, December 2023. We are sure that introducing our audience some messages from Japanese (or ASEAN) guests to this TV program can lead to attract Japanese public and private sector to strengthen collaboration with ASEAN for further mutual prosperity in the very near future. Especially, we believe that a brand-new cooperation over mainly three fields (Infrastructure & FDI, trade & business and digital & technology) is going to generate Japanese companies’ huge interest on it. This project aims to explore the possibilities of a new partnership between ASEAN and Japan and to deliver bright message and glorious perspective for the next 50 years to Nikkei CNBC Japan’s viewers.

Organizer: Nikkei CNBC Japan
Venue: Tokyo / Live broadcasting from Nikkei CNBC Japan’s studio
Event style: Online
How to join: Advance registration required(Not selected by lottery), Possible to join on the day
Entrance fee: Please watch Nikkei CNBC