The Tambun Project, which began with a desire to give something back to a society through music, will invite the Immanuel Orchestra, with whom it has performed several times in Thailand, to come to Japan for its first concert.
The Immanuel Orchestra is a youth orchestra in a music school in Thailand’s largest slum in Bangkok’s Klong Toey district. We have planned this event together with NPO Shine for You (currently applying for establishment) in the hope that the children of the Immanuel Orchestra, who live robustly with music as their light, will empower each other through their performances and exchange activities with the host community, leading to the musically and emotionally rich cultural development of children in both countries.
We hope that the activities through music will spread to other Southeast Asian countries and lead to the development of international exchange.

Organizer:Tambun Project
Co-sponser:Shine For You
Venue: Shinjuku, Tokyo / Japan Evangelical Lutheran Tokyo Church
Event style: Face-to-face
How to join: Advance registration required  *Ask to Organizer (about join on that day)
Entrance fee: Adults – 4,000 JPY / Under high school students – 2,000 JPY