Widely disseminate, enlighten, and pass on the traditional culture and crafts of Japan. The purpose of this program is to promote cultural international exchange between Thailand and Japan.

Japan performance of the dance “Fuji Musume”. A tea ceremony by Mr. O, a Thai who is learning about the traditional culture of Japan, such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement, and passing it on to the Thai people.

Through these, we rediscover the beauty of Japan. It will also be a place to learn about Thai culture. Everyone at the venue will share the difficulty and importance of passing on traditional culture, traditional crafts, and traditional buildings.

Provide a space that will lead to future cultural exchange and make people-to-people exchanges more enjoyable and fulfilling.


Organizer:KYOTO FUKU
Venue:Miki City / Former Ogawa Family Villa
How to join:Advance registration required(Not selected by lottery)
Entrance fee:fee (ask)

Contact us:kyotofuku8@gmail.com