The International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT), a public interest incorporated foundation, has positioned the promotion of initiatives aimed at the recycling of plastic resources and the realization of a carbon-neutral society as a priority strategy. We are implementing projects such as training and environmental business support for developing countries, mainly in Japan.

As part of this, ICETT will:ASEAN Titled the International Environmental Seminar, we invited diplomats familiar with the environmental field from embassies in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand to introduce their countries' carbon neutral policies.ASEAN Based on various practices, Japanese experts who have experience working on carbon neutrality and environmental business in various countries will consider future issues and directions, along with how cooperation with Japan should be.


Organizer:International Environmental Technology Transfer Center

Contact:, 059-329-3500


Holding method: Held online

How to join: Pre-registration required (no lottery), no participation on the day

Entry fee:free