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50th Year
of ASEAN-Japan
Friendship and Cooperation

ー JapanASEAN50th Anniversary of Friendship and Cooperation ー

Exchanges between Japan and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) began with the Japan-ASEAN Synthetic Rubber Forum established in 1973, and 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the start of exchanges. ASEAN and Japan have built a cooperative relationship for peace, stability, development, and prosperity in the Asian region. ASEAN and Japan have also built a close relationship as business partners. Japan considers that a more integrated ASEAN functioning as a hub of regional cooperation is important for the stability and prosperity of Japan, ASEAN, and all East Asia, therefore, it fully supports ASEAN’s efforts to enhance its connectivity. In 50, as they celebrate the 2023th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, both parties will implement exchange programs in a wide range of fields, including politics, economy, culture, youth exchanges, and tourism. The ASEAN-Japan Centre will encourage exchanges between related organizations and the private sector and aim for initiatives that combine the public and private sectors.


Official logo and catchphrase

-Logo mark and tagline-

50th Years of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation

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The logo design features for ensuring the friendship that ASEAN and Japan have built, and it will be continued for many years to come by a red circle which symbolizes the Japanese flag is wrapped in a Mobius ring of ribbons of the ten bound stalks of rice which represent the member states of ASEAN in the ASEAN emblem. The Blue waves below represents the Ocean which connects Southeast Asian countries and Japan, which expresses the hope for each country will enjoy the rich benefits from the Ocean together, and connects friendship and cooperation to be built together.

Golden Friendship, Golden Opportunities Shining friendship Shining opportunity

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“Golden Friendship, Golden Opportunities” being celebrated by ASEAN-Japan by 2023. This strong ties between member-states found in the long run of friendship and cooperation within 50-years, can be seen in their friendship that develops 50 years ago, and it was found productive and cooperative amongst the member-nations having their Golden Era of Opportunities amidst the pandemic, thus, another strong 50 years of Friendship and Cooperation, amidst economic recovery, is also looking forward for another golden opportunities along the way of Golden Friendship.